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(Ronnie Lane)

Once I was a stone many years ago

Into a pool was thrown many years ago.

Time passed by, the pool ran dry, excavated was I.

And tempered and beat in a fiery heat,

By the hand of a man, who's name was Dan

Dan the blacksmith.

Once I was a sword, many years ago.

And my blade was broad, many years ago.

Worn with pride, into battle I'd ride at a warrior's side.

And I cut and I killed and was lost in a field,

And I soon did rust, corrode to dust,

Oh my.

Once I was a daisy, many years ago.

In pastures green and lazy, many years ago.

But I was et by a goat who fell in a moat and forgetting to float

He sunk like a lead and stayed until dead,

But was relieved to find just how kind it all was.

Once I was a grub, many years ago.

I lived in muck and mud, many years ago.

But on the very first noon I became a cocoon that resembled a prune.

When the Good Lord was done in the warmth of the sun.

I shed my skins, and dried my wings, and I flew away.

Once I was a bullfrog, had to struggle for survival.

And once I was a carp and lived in waters ornamental.

And once I was a myna bird, quoting verses from the Bible,



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