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To Not Give A Fuck

I'm here to shake up the world.

Yeah...uh(wha wha wha wha what)

Uh uh uh

Ride, ride....

(Verse 1)

Yeah, I'm somethin like a phenomenon, but still dumpin whenever the dramas on

Ya'll hustlas can't eat fit meals and it feels somethin like whens its Ramadan

Hope you chumps been walkin with armor on I'm through with jumpin (???)

Somethin's turnin his mama on I love to see rumps with see through garmets on

Better look crunk when you got pajamas on(Oh!)

Jumpin lets hit the Bahamas ma and its crunk whever I'm on a song

Bumpin like bump budomp

I'm particly picky when it comes to licky licky have'm slidin off Vicki's


Under the doo rag thick as 60 its the hipno sticky icky

I said OK


Fly enough to do better,(oh) but pimp enough to not give a fuck (yea)

And I'm thug enough to do better (oh) and gangsta enough to not give a fuck


I'm hustlin enough to know better,(oh) but ballin enough to not give a fuck


I'm old enough to know better,(oh) but young enough to not give a fuck.

(Verse 2)

D-d-d-d-d-damnit man, I'm in a throw back so old that it'll make ya grandma


And everybody know,everybody goes so please, pull a stretch ambulance

These dudes don't stand a chance when I pull up like the pamper brand those on

a lambo slants

Wit a made dame from France wit a ass so big you couldn't hide it in Hammer


Who else be in New York with a Miami tans got everybody doing the street family


I'm sure this hammer can, make you save the gangsta role for the cameras man

It's F-A-B you prefebly don't wanna F with me, please believe it.

I'm defnitely as responsible for gettin the city high sleff with me


To Not Give A Fuck / Fabolous

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