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Hands Up


Hands Up

Rollin' to the club

Stop to get my grub on

Nothin' like those Krispy Kremes

Soon as I was done

It was time to get my groove on

Find a place that's happenin'

And I knew that it was on

From the moment that I walked into the spot

It was bangin'

It was swangin' oh

Till somethin' turned me off

I wasn't sure

Coulda swore I saw you with someone

And at much to my surprise (whoa)


You were right there with your hands up in the air

You had hoochies everywhere

All on you

It's like I almost didn't know you

Tryin' to shake that ass

Playa you don't even dance

Sup wit' you

It's like I don't even know you

Left you at the crib

Cause I know you get your game on

Happens every Tuesday night

You said that you was cool

Your boys was comin' by

(Go baby have yourself a real good time)

So I knew I could be wrong

I was thinkin' there's no way it could be you

Not my baby

He ain't crazy no

Then my girlfriends tipped me off

When I got closer I could tell that it was you

You was bangin'

You was swangin' oh



Mindin' my own business

My pager's goin' off

My girlfriends tryin' to tell me

You're doin' wrong

I needed confirmation

I knew you was a dog

I just can't believe what I saw





Hands Up / Fabolous

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