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Holla Front

[verse 1]

i only spit what i know cause im sick with the flow

i might let my hair grow and start pickin my fro

this is for the thugs on the dance floor sippin on mo

tryin to fight the bouncer before you get in his dough

2 minutes to go until i start rippin this show

but only two minutes ago i was hitting a dro

so was it two minutes ago or two minutes more,

i dont know either way she got to minutes to f*** oh

you started it you better fnish it

why you acting like my dick wont touch the rest of your throat

yeah i said it and you can finish the quote

im down to rock it but why you smell like fish on a boat

im sick of it

you think im lickin your toes

smell me cumin when when i stick my baby d** in your nose

i skipped little leagues, went straight to the pros

ask anybody in these fifty states, they know


east coast where you at

west side where you at

all the people int the front let me hear you holla back

plays are set,

spendin stack

feelin that, let me know and just holla back

up north what you want

dirty south what you want

all my people in the back , let me hear you holla front

roll a blunt, holla front

gettin drunk, holla front

if your whip got that dump, let me hear you holla front

[verse 2]

its double R

im the pick of the litter

with the flip of my zipper, cinderella would give up her slipper

each sold to the highest bidder

going once, goin twice, goin to the flyest sister

i just rapped the bag of groupies

one got mad tried to sh** me

would you do it again, absolutely

you know me im just tryin to show these clowns

i got homies, they got homies, that'll hold me down

keep my verses extra tight

whos the extra might

i can do a song in t


Holla Front / Fabolous

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