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Magic Stick

[Chorus: 50 Cent]

I got the magic stick

I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice

I hit the baddest chicks

Shorty don't believe me, then come with me tonight

And I'll show you maaagic

(What? What?) Maaagic

I got the magic stick

[50 Cent]

I'm a freak to the core

Get a dose once, you gon' want some more

My tongue touch ya girl, ya toes bound to curl

This exclusive shit I don't share with the world

I have you up early in the mornin, moanin

Back shot, proper or low can't stop us

Been a fiend for this since Rakim made hits

Get the position down pat, then it's time to switch

I'll rock the boat, I'll work the middle

I skeet it up, straight beat it up..

.. and I ain't in the hood with my toast out loc'n

I'm in the telly workin up a sweat strokin

Tonight's the night, you can fall in love

You can call your mama right now, tell her you met a thug

I pop a lot of shit cause I can back it up

My left stroke's the death stroke

[Chorus: Lil' Kim]

I got the magic clit

I'm on fire, lick once, I get licked twice

I am the baddest chick

Shorty you don't believe me, then come with me tonight

And I'll show you maaagic

(What? What?) Maaagic, uh-huh uh-huh

I got the magic clit

[Lil' Kim]

Lil' Kim not a whore

But I sex a nigga so good, he gotta tell his boys

When it, come to sex don't test my skills

Cause my head game have you HEAD over heels

Give a nigga the chills, have him pay my bills

Buy matchin Lambo's with the same color wheels

.. and I ain't out shoppin spendin dudes C-notes

I'm in the crib givin niggaz deep throat

Tonight Lil' Kim gon' have you in the zone

Girls, call ya crib, I'm an


Magic Stick / Fabolous

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