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Into You Ft. Ashanti

Fabolous: Uhh, baby girl

Ashanti: I really like

Ashanti: Hey, ey ey

Fabolous: Desert Storm (yea yea)

(Beat Drops)

I can't really explain it

I'm so into you now

I wanna be more than a friend to you now

When they ask

I mention my baby girl in the interviews now

And I don't bring the problems from

the 90's and the 2 thou

No reason to have a friend or two now

Cus the kid's ready to tell how he feel in a few vows

Maybe I speak in general now

But girl, Ima do whateva jus to keep a grin on u now

(Where I roll) They wear bikinis in the winter 2 now

What you think about tan lines on tha skin of u now

Why wouldn't I wanna spend a few thou

On 5th ave, shop n sprees in them denister childs

I ain't concern wit otha men

wit them now, as long as when I slide up in u, u growl

And any dude wit u

He betta be a ken of u now

And I ain't jealous

It's the principle now

I'm so into u


Chorus: I really like what chu done to me

I can't really explain it

I'm so into you

I really like what chu

done to me

I can't really explain it (I can't explain it)

I'm so into you

Verse 2: [Fabolous]

C'mon ma

it's more than the flashin'

I would've traded it all in orderly fashion

My billa in Florida we crashin'

Just off the shore so you can hear when the water be splashing

The Drop top 3 in the quota we dashing

Flawless diamonds in the water we flashing

The money we oughta be stashing

I make sure ever quarter be cashed in

I cant really explain it

My friends be thinking Im slipping

These girls be thinking Im tripping

What kinda we


Into You Ft. Ashanti / Fabolous

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