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Big Head

[Intro - Timbaland]

One time *freak freaky* uh uhm

Two time *ah two* uh uhm

Three time *uh uh* uh uhm

*freaky* four times *freaky* Ms. Jade

[Verse 1 - Ms. Jade (Ms. Jade singing)]

Ain't no other girl girl

Rub it in for the whole world world

Make it my du-ty

Try'n show off thinkin they can move me

(Here we go again) one time

(Never take me off my grind)

and I do it true true

Do me is my number one rule rule

Look I'm grown grown

Haters I'm leavin 'em long gone gone

Got 'em with they (hands up high)

Twisted at the bar I'm feelin (all right)

Show 'em (what they need to ride)

Dancin til they feet hurtin (all night)

cause I stack cheese cheese

I'm whatever its gonna be be

Uh, and its all to the good

Never been Hollywood cause I stand for the hood

Its a different (day now)

Watch how I'm makin the game (break down)

See me doin it it

I'm bout as good as its gonna get get

Uh, Philly chick get it down

If the flood is comin I promise I ain't gon' drown

Make the music (move you)

Timb's hittin you crazy so you can (groove to)

Uh Beat Club on the rise

and I got got g-got my eyes on the prize

[Chorus - Ms. Jade


Big Head / Fabolous

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