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Why Wouldnt I

[Fabolous (Paul Cain)]

Yeah, yo Cain (what up nigga)

Why wouldn't these bitches love us nigga?

Why wouldn't these niggas hate us huh?

(Why wouldn't they Fab?)

Yeah, (Desert Storm), uh, yeah, uh


Why wouldn't I talk as greasy as cheese steak meat

In a strawberry Range, pie crust piping on the cheesecake seats

I'm known for hittin' women's soft spots

With Princess cut Canaries the size of lemon cough drops

[Paul Cain]

I'm right behind 'em in the Porsche drop

Linen soft top, sick chain with 20 point rocks

Take your bitch, why wouldn't I?

The whip got chrome shoes, cream leather seats with old wooden sides


Uh, yeah, what's really poppin', usually boys know

This ghetto superstar with the Bruce Lee-roy glow

Niggas has to hate the outcome (yeah)

Plus I'm in a throwback from the same year they assassinated Malcolm

[Paul Cain]

Make so much ends, I got to find faster ways to count 'em (yeah)

A minute on the block, how fast I make a thousand? (Cain)

That nigga you love to hate, still hug blocks and bubble weight

Off the love I can't


Baby girl, why wouldn't fellas stop ya?

After we come through the hood in helicopters (yeah)

[Paul Cain]

The dro I got in this wood, is hela-proper

We do the damn thing, who could they tell us not ta

[Chorus - Fabolous (Paul Cain)]

Why wouldn't this joint make you wanna dance?

Why wouldn't these jewels make you wanna glance?

(Why wouldn't this whip make you wanna ride?

And why wouldn't this thing be on my side?)

Why wouldn't this game have you on your knees?

Why wouldn't these 20's be on the V's?

(Why wouldn't thi


Why Wouldnt I / Fabolous

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