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Ma Be Easy

uh, uh, yeah, uh-huh

yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]

Yo, I ain't got no reason to trick or spend

Mami, I'm the reason the chicks begin cheesein' and snickerin'

Playa like me? every season these chicks have been

Talkin' how I came through the P's in a sicker benz

Heard about the platinum visas the bricker bends

Jewels so icey I need freezers to sitck 'em in

I be's in the keys wit a click of friends

Trees and a liquor blend, I be too queezy and sick to grin

I dont care if a skeezer is thick or thin

It's gon' look like she havin' a seizure I stick it in

Skeos say "can I get the keys to ya six again?"

After I nut, that's when amnesia be kickin' in

Most broads I done met, ain't see a guy

Who spend a G on gucci T's, five for sweats

I'm what chicks strive to get, I stay in the P.J's

You thinkin (?) i'm talkin' pivate jets, uh


I need the cash in my palm, the ice in my charm - ma' be easy

(Watch it, please)

Wanna lean to the side while I cruise in your ride - ma' be easy

(Put down that cheese)

Gotta have a broad wantin' and let me hold somethin' - ma' be easy

(You get nothin' from me)

You get NOTHIN!

[Verse 2]

So the kid never stresses a female

And if you ask where I live they gon' give you

addresses to e-mail

All that cops can suggest is that he sell

How I'm gon' push it unless it's a v-12

From S's to CL's, I request is (?)

In the head rests his t.v's dwell

They heard how many albums I presses for retail

And they can't get a dime unless it's a weed sale

And lets be real, catch me at the bar wit them crispy bills

Gettin Cris' re-fills, my wrist be chilled

And my wardrob


Ma Be Easy / Fabolous

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