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Cant Deny It


(Nate Dogg:)

Y'all can't deny it,

I'ma f***in' rider

You don't wanna f*** with me


Got skills in the trunk with me


Switchin' lanes

Do a buck with me

(That's right)

Y'all can't deny it

I'ma f***in' rider

You don't wanna bang with me


And you know

I brought my gang with me


Niggaz trip

I got my thang with me


Yo, if they want it, cowards get it

They still wonder how I did it

Now y'all wit' it, these niggaz

See how I spit it

Huh, these b****es see how I kit it

You can hear my coupe a block away

B****es be yellin', "Let me ride"

Like they Snoop and Dr Dre

I keep spittin', them clips

Copped on those calicos

Keep sh*ttin', with ziplocks

Of that cali dro'

Keep hittin', and shift blocks

For that cali dough

Keep gettin', my tip rocked

By them cali h*es

It's William Bonnie, stealin' mamis

Dance closely, even know

They feel I'm limey

I ain't tryin' to send police to ya rest

I'm tryin' to put this, piece to ya chest

And you in piece wit' the rest

You can release to the press

This how G's ride

From the North to the South to

The East to the West, let's go

Repeat chorus

(Fabolous and Nate Dogg:)

Yo ma, I got you stuck off the realness

The name's Fabolous, you heard I be

In them trucks wit' the wheels glissed

In VIP, with buckets of chilled Cris'

Click, click

Who the f*** wanna feel this?

I still got them blocks movin'

And the system in my truck

That can make it feel

Like the block's movin'

My 6-4's, wit' the wheels-aca


Cant Deny It / Fabolous

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