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This Is My Party

[Intro: Fabolous]

Hey-hey-hey yo [3x]


Hey-hey-hey yo [2x]


Hey-hey-hey yo [2x]

[Verse: Fabolous]

Ain't no tellin' what this hypno will do to me

I'm feelin' like I can do what I want now

Dip-low immunity

Shorty! just shake your hips slow and move wit me

Take a hit a this and sip slow and thoroughly

You're sneakin' out on your man, tip-toein' to the V

Cause I know you got him whipped though like wannabe

Let's put on a live strip show just you and me

But girl, I'm lookin' at them lips though like who is he?

They ain't never seen a whip, clothes or jewelry

So when I ask "you wanna leave the zip-code?"

Say "sure" and be me

[Chorus 1: Fabolous]

But this is my party

Stroll by if you want to

Or ya'll can stay home

But why would you want to?

[Verse: Fabolous]

We gon' party, till we laid in graves

Sweat out our doobie braids and waves

Then scream "hey-hey-hey yo"

That groupie made her wait

Cause when she seen the whips and chains

She started talking 'bout she ready to be made a slave, c'mon

[Chorus 2: Fabolous (2x)]

This is my party

So get fly if you like to

Get high if you like to cause I know you like to

Put your hands up as high as you want to

And if it feels good scream "hey-hey-hey yo"

[Verse: Fabolous]

I don't know about y'all

But we doin' it over here

All the glasses got liquid that brewin' it over here

Cigars got somethin' sticky that's glueing it over here

Ladies movin' it over there, movin' it over here

I can fit a few in a Rover's rear

We havin' a good time, don't r


This Is My Party / Fabolous

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