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Right Now

(feat. Timbaland)


Uh, c'mon, uh, c'mon


Uh, William H. Bonnie, ma' I make you famous


Some little pretty mami's is all I need (yeah)

Hennessy, Cristal and sticky weed (uh huh)

A little drop sports coupe's all I want (yeah)

And I brought the hammer if y'all front (woooh)

Yeah, the kid been makin these mami's, yell "papacita"

Since Kangols and shell-top Adidas

Love when te-ta's look like they'll pop through beaters

And the hips won't fit in the L-drop two-seater

But ma' I ain't the type to love ya

I'm a triflin, good for nothin, type a brother

This cute face'll make your wife smile

And I check in two bags and one's just a suitcase full of Lifestyles

And we both rent out playa

Difference is you a sweet subsitute, I'm a Penthouse playa

Y'all seen my rings borders

It's full of queen and king's daughters, as clean as spring water

'F's for freakin, 'A's alright (yeah)

'B's for bottles that pop all night (uh huh)

'O's for the ounces that I got (say what)

That we blow everday, know why, why not?


Right now you probably like me, but

Later on you gonna love me and

Right now you probably want me, but

Later on you gonna need me and (yeah)

Right now you don't like me, but

Later on you gonna hate me (what)

And I just got to do it

Fuck y'all, I'm a keep doin my thing

It's the hoodrat Hugh Hefner, that bend dimes, too

The five plus one, sittin on ten times two

Shorty when I'm through....

I'm a know if you nice on the mic and if your friend rhyme, too

It's so funny how I suit th


Right Now / Fabolous

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