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(feat. DJ Clue, Joe Budden, Paul Cain)

[Intro - DJ Clue]

Yeah y'all

This the Triangle Offense

Ghetto Fab

Paul Cain, Joe Buddens

We all "Street Dreams"

At one time or another

Fast cars, cash

Money, hustlin...

C'mon y'all

Desert Storm

[Chorus - Paul Cain]

Some niggas thug, and some niggas is bitch

Some niggas'll rob, and some niggas'll pitch

Some niggas ain't got shit, some niggas rich

Some niggas do the time, and some live as a snitch

[Verse 1 - Paul Cain]

Now some niggas like to pull out and talk, some niggas pop off

Some niggas found they way to the top, some niggas got lost

Some niggas keep it thorough in jail, some niggas got soft

Some niggas ride hard top Coupe, I pull the top off

And quick to speed off on the jake

Quick to back, any nigga gettin money, come up off of the safe

Fuck the city, I'm extortin the state

I'm like O. from the "Wire", walk wit a sawed-off and a .8

When I was taught, never talk wit a snake

When you kill a nigga you love, you pay for the coffin and weight

Get you wrapped up, and tossed in a lake

If you can't get the whole pie, just take ya portion and skate

Don't fuck wit niggas, if they soft or they fake

Only jail cats, and niggas going back and forth to court could relate

Fuck wit me, and I'ma alter ya fate

Send some wolves after ya girl, I specialize in torture and rape

We in the game most dudes ain't built for

Cain talk the type of shit, niggas get killed for

Whatever it's gon' be, let it be, I ain't waistin a slug

And time is money, and when it come to mind, take it in blood, nigga

[Chorus - Fabolous]

Some niggas thug, and some niggas is bitch-a


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