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Keepin It Gangsta (Remix)

(feat. Styles, Jadakiss, Paul Cain, M.O.P.)

[Jadakiss] D-Block

[Styles] True indeed

[J] Double R

[S] Yes, true indeed

[J] Desert Storm

[S] True indeed

(Sheek Lu' where you at?)

[S] True indeed

(Haha, You know how we doin' baby?)

[Jadakiss (Styles)]

Keepin' it Gangsta, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yo

How many men could you kill? (Let me count all the bullets I got)

Many bricks could move, (you can say 20 a block)

Many niggas'll ride (you could fill a football field)

(How much money you got?) You think I signed a football deal

(My nigga give me the word, I'm gonna kill that lane)

You know major league niggas play the kidnap game

Have the kid missin' for days, listen and pray

(And I'm kill 6 of your niggas, 6 different ways

And we still got exza of rhymes) Still gangsta

(Try to run up on the guy, that send your legs to your mom)

And we still got kilos of coke

(Ruff Ryders to the death, ride or die nigga we know the oath)

That's why I'm tryin' to send this metal through your head

Cause you got me curious, you probably look better when your dead

Nine by the spine, (5th in the holst)

Scum bag it's them D-Block boys, daddy kissin' the ghost

(Comin' through like the "Matrix" in the A-6

Triple black leather, six-speed, with the gray stick)

Give me the safe, I spit at your face

Double clip in your mug, then have SP hit it wit mase

(And we just caught burners and do me I'll say this)

Your little niggas lookin' up to me like the walls in Green Haven

Keep heat and we shank ya, (rob ya and say thank ya)

Now that's keepin' it gangsta (keepin' it gangsta)



Keepin It Gangsta (Remix) / Fabolous

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