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Forgive Me Father


Unh (uh-huh unh) yea

There's alot of money over here

(Hahahahahaha) Ha Ha

Unh (unh unh unh) Thats word to Brooklyn

I'm back I don't know what the fuck is wrong with these niggas

[Verse 1]

Maybe cause I'm eatin And these bastards fiend for my grub

I carry pumps like I serve gasoline to these scrubs

Have you seen my Aston leanin on dubs

And they can't afford chrome so they puttin vasoline on they hubs

I'm lookin for a girl with a ass like Trina to rub

Take home and let her watch the plasma screen in the tub

These niggas hate I'm movin so much cash and cream in the club

And dont pass my green on my bub

But I'm a fly nigga that don't do much to pull her and dick her

Everyday I'm poppin a tab and pullin a sticker

Everyday I'm switchin the tags and pullin up sicker

Every "K" I'm loadin the mags with bullets to flicker

And I aint hesitatin homie I'm pullin it quicker

So you can act tough After a few pulls on some liquor

Got em pullin on niggas

And they won't be goin nowhere for a while

They might as well pull out a snicker Ye-Ye-Yea


Forgive me father for I have sinned

But look at all this money that I spend

And look at all this jewlery that I'm in

And look at all the places that I've been

And look at all the women in those brims

Look at the blue flames that I'm in

I look at all the bullshit that theres been

And if I had another chance I'd do it again

[Verse 2]

Anywhere the kid move you know the hammers'll be with me

Pokin out the shirt like a Pamela Lee titty

I went on tour brought the samples of D wit me

Came back a month later bought a Lambo for three-fifty

Think I t


Forgive Me Father / Fabolous

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