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F You Too

(feat. Paul Cain)

[Intro - Paul Cain]

Yeah, Desert Storm niggaz, Cain

Ghetto, I got these niggaz man (uh huh)

Clue! (yeah), I'm the first line of defense (yeah)

And I'ma show 'em what that means (yeah)

[Chorus 1 - Paul Cain]

I know these niggaz hoped I wouldn't make it - fuck you

Your hatred only made me wanna cake ya - fuck you

Wherever I see you nigga I'ma buck you

And put a hole in your chest that's big enough to drive a truck through

[Verse 1 - Paul Cain]

I bring the drama back where you lives, flatter your wiz

Reload and then point the Mag at your kids

So what I sound remorse, the records I still peep guns on me

But the difference now is only Deserts

If I talk it's gonna be reckless; I'm ready to die

So when I apply pressure, niggaz gon' respect it

Tote guns to rob niggaz, I told 'em to use

And leave enemies of friends that like broken and bruised

They ain't crazy, they just broke and confused; cross me

And they'll be talks of how they found the man smoked on the news

I'ma career crook - they used a mug shot from my graduation picture

And my junior high school yearbook

Paul Cain never appear shook

Yeah I might talk to my enemies but never police (nah)

You wanna converse it better be brief; you ain't gotta say much

Show me the money and the cheddar'll speak

If it ain't involvin bread, I ain't with it

I don't need D's on me, I'm already dodgin Feds

When the shots from the revolver spread

Duck, I don't discriminate, leave CEO's and artists dead

Make slugs a part of his head

Vanish then pop up in a SL double nickel, scarlet red

Fuck you I'm tryna get my cash right

All my niggaz flip bir


F You Too / Fabolous

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