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uh, it's the d-d-d-d d-d-d-d d-d-d-d-d-d-damn ha-ha yea

[Chorus(Woman Sings)]

Damn-it's the way he grabs on himself when he gettin closer to them girls be like

Damn-it's the wife beater wish you were in the droptop cruisin hoes like

Damn-I can't blame em' if he wasn't mine shit i would try and claim him,

cuz he's so fly and i'm so fly and you'll fool

yaself if you try to deny him


I'm nothin like them other brothers

I got no choice but to slut her

cuz im in a 10-6 with the vase up that look somethin like a nutta butta dutta dutta

mami you'll be in saint tropez

ridin jet skis and mopeds

powderin like dope heads

paparazzi snappin pictures they must thin you J.Lopez(BIATCH!!!)

(ha-ha)lets roast some spinach

find a club and just post up in it

what you mean are we there yet,I got lear jets that get to the westcoast in minutes

(ha-ha)I'm smoother than white vanilla fudge

with white vanilla studs

cuz if they witnessed how im killin em out here these just might go tell the judge(i rest my case)

[Chorus Repeat]


you could be prancin thru ghettos

in a pair of fendi's or pants and stillettos

all you gotta do is swallow some kids like that witch did in Hansel and Gretel

whos as hansome as ghetto

this mans earings look transparent

and my mtchell and s throwbacks be so old they could be somebodys grandparents

I want the type of money athletes consume

I have to assume

I'm no fool,but im so cool,when i walk in feels like theres a draft in the room

(oooh)I'm so sick i drive em reverse fast

call me a nurse fast

shorty just lay back in the made back it'll make you feel like you sittin in first class


[Chorus Repeat]



Damn / Fabolous

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