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Let The Record Spin

Have you ever been lost?

Didn't want your direction

That was your intention

Are you free can you see

All the things that surround you?

Let them astound you

Let yourself believe in mystery

When you find yourself in another galaxy

Go beyond the limits of sanity

Expand your mind

Secret hideaways are awaiting you

If you challenge all the fears that wont allow you to

Intimidate yourself with something new

Wou Uh wou uh Wow

Take a look around and see beyond the things you can't imagine

Use more than just your eyes

Senses can hypnotize

Take a look around and go beyond the limits if you haven't

Let go and breathe it in

Let the record spin

When in France don't just dance

Kick back relax and enjoy your favorite souffl

Let The Record Spin /

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