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Big Shot

You know the type of girl that walks in front of you and makes your jaw drop?

She talks in riddles, and sort of tickles your soft spot

You see her in the club. She treats you like a scrub

She ain't trippin' off you, she got your whole crew in love

Your day dreamin' of getting her in the bedroom alone

Straight feedin', You's beg like a dog for the bone

And she's peepin', and the reason is she knows

Theres a demon in between your legs with a mind of its own

Now, you're a weakling, overwhelmed with hormones

Y'all start speakin', she grabs the number to your phone

And next weekend you invite her to your home

You weren't even thinking. You got played by a pro

She's a big shot. Thick lips, nice legs, green eyes

Took advantage of a thousand. Only slept with three guys

Ain't a hoe or a groupie. Jane Doe or a Lucy

Her innocent looks are deceving, so I'm telling you to be wise

I know she's a cutie, but there's power in that coochie

Underneath those booty tight, cutoff, daisy-dooksy Levi's


She's a big shot. You know your dream girl

She knows how to use her looks to take advantage of the world

She's a big shot. You thought you could school her

She dissed you like you were neutered, and told you to go get a sexual tutor

She's a big shot. She wouldn't touch your ruler

She's so beutiful. A cute but cruel looter, user and abuser

She's a big shot. Your eyes are glued to her behind

You know her steeze, but you fall for it every time

Now, what about that popular school kid?

The always have been, always will be cool kid?

The class president valedictorian. "A plus", star quaterback

Cadillac convertible drivin', signin' cheerleaders autorgraphs

The letter on the ja

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