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so you want me to take it off

just to see what's

underneath my cloth

i'll show you i'm every

inch a man

measure all that you

think you can

i'm more than what

meets the eye

flesh 'n' blood is

often a white lie

by the cover you misjudge

the book

open your mind and take

another look

naked, and i'm unashamed

naked, with no one to blame

naked, ya you want the truth

naked, here's my birthday suit

naked, naked, naked, naked

i pretend to be not anyone

except me and my imperfections

there is nothing i

expect of you

that you wouldn't

expect of me, too


will you excuse me for my ignorance

'cause i can see only one


those of you who seek to find

while all the others choose

to walk 'n' talk blind


Naked / Extreme

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