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The worship of creation

Seeming endless

But it will end

And every knee shall bow

Thoughts of a coincidental existence

And a futureless world corrodes into the

Spinal chord of the narcissistic man

A paradigm shift for worse

My ego is my god

Given authority by the enlightenment

Of silence,

The enlightenment of the age of freedom

Freedom - the name in which we legalize all

The name in which we tolerate all

Credibility for truth, image for substance

Weakness and failure

- unbearable elements in life

Subtly opposed through an endless flow of

Constantly replaced trends, neither allowed

To mature nor to fade

The surroundings,

A mirror reflecting the signals

Of admiration that makes my identity

A constant egocentricity providing a

Purging of anything threatening popularity

The peak of this shallowness

Displayed by the so-called stars

In their quest for self-actualisation

This beautiful people experiencing

The illusion of narcissistic prosperity,

Uncritically and boundlessly admired,

Simply for their own sake


Paradigms / Extol

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