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Nihilism 2002

Immediate gratification of desires,

The meaning of life

This propagator of a

Consumeristic lifestyle,

So seemingly benign

This is your entitlement

Living an affluent life

A scrap conduction

A shallow state of mind

The delusion of their raison d'etre

Being nothing more than the

Accumulation of mere things,

Driven into the consciousness

Of precious young minds

An instrument for turning of the brain,

An instrument for death

Compellingly perverted to create

A reality for hiding truth,

Creating a window for

Spiritual blessings on sale

No arduous sacrifice or demands

No restraint of passion

No spiritual disciplines, No God!

This is your religion,

Feeling without intellectual content

This is your religion,

Nihilism 2002!


Nihilism 2002 / Extol

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