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 Extol Extolметалл-группа

Thrash Synergy

Strengthened individuals

Encouraged for unity

We've been pushed to the limit

Through an established motivation

Gathered in love to Christ our head

Come on let's join in synergy

Conspiracy constructed with hope in sight

A rebellious enthusiasm - united by Christ

To vulcanise the spirit filled thrash forever

Revitalization is what we want to see

Of the moving solidarity

By given strength community will be found

Let's exploit our nerve of optimism

By flash we'll go separate ways

By spirit we'll unite

It's time to make a change of mind

To conquer egocentricity

Together we will conjure up

A zealous wish to sacrifice the singularity

For the growth of this body

For the kingdom's progress


Thrash Synergy / Extol

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