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I can hear a signal from the center of my soul

Ignite the impulse of life

Make a change of patterns in the

Landscape of the inner man

Obtaining a new perspective on life

Discovering a new dimension of freedom


A penetrating power claims dominion in my being

Leaving the old man to die

The presence of a spirit is reflected

By the wave of change

Recharging power

Receiving strength

Renewal of mind and soul

I have established contact

With a higher form of intelligence

Giving me wisdom and insight

A complete restoration of my spirit

A revelation of the truth

Effects the way I'm thinking

I am a part of your plan

I will let your spirit move inside me

Like a breath of life

I send out a message to the souls still searching

Invite the maker of life

Let him be the guidance to

Complete your life in every way


Renewal / Extol

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