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Trilogy Of The Damned

In a garden of sorrow

Among the mourning of souls

A silent whisper you must walk alone

Even though my tears tells me not to

I must walk alone

I seek shelter

Cause I am hiding

As light is our darkness

We seek the day

But when the shade of the night comes

It chases my strength away

My steps echoes

In this chapel of fall

And I see my past being

Being left behind

I hope I beg

Can't someone come and take my soul

And take my soul...

My sanity has left me

My trust died with you

What is left are only pieces

My tears fall for you

I'm gonna fly

I'm gonna roll

I'm gonna thunder

So I place the roses

So gently on your grave

And I still remember

I can feel the flames

And I know I have failed

and my promises nothing worth

I see it all so clear

But my words mean nothing

I'm gonna fly

I'm gonna roll

I'm gonna thunder

My sanity has left me

The trust I once had has died

What is left are only pieces

All my words been proven lies

Been proven lies

If I could I would

Fly roll thunder

All for just another chance to speak with you

Show you

But my words...

But my words mean...


All the battles that I've fought and lost

When I'm asleep they come

All the screams that I've screamed unheard

A week wounded soul

Dare I open my eyes and see

How much more can they possibly harm me

The frustration

The hurt

The fear

Of a week wounded soul

They're watching me

They're touching me

Moving so quick they're all around me

Ain't got the right

But say they do



Trilogy Of The Damned / Evergrey

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