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Got Your Mind in the Gutter

What's a man to do

When he's bein' accused

I hear you talkin'

It's real bad news

Nothin' happened with

That girl last night

So baby won't you

Tell me why

You got your mind in the gutter

You got your mind in the gutter

You're jumpin' to conclusions

And it's plain to see

You got your mind in the gutter

Don't blame me

So you say I'm foolin' 'round

Playin' the field

Baby let me tell you

It's no big deal

No I ain't gettin'

A little on the side

But I feel like a prisoner

With both hands tied

You say you found a number

On a matchbook in my coat

And lipstick smeared

On my shirt

I hate to disappoint you

And it scares me to death

That if your shovel ain't full

You just keep diggin' up

Some dirt

You've pushed me into a corner

You've got my back to thte wall

I stand accused of bein'

Some kind of liar

Hey I wouldn't hose you down

If you were on fire

You've got your mind in the gutter

You've got your mind in the gutter

Baby I keep those women

Far away from my skin

But since your mind's

In the gutter

Man I just can't win

I took her aside

To give her my point of view

What you tryin' to pull babe

It just ain't true

There should be a warnin'

Up above your cage

Sayin' don't feed the lion

She's in a state of rage

How can I prove

That I've done nothin' wrong

You know in your heart

That you're all that I want

Youre all fired up

Just a little bit too tight

Now babe what can I tell you

You just ain't right

Aint got a baad reputation

So why you tearin' it


Got Your Mind in the Gutter / Europe

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