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Эрик Клэптон Эрик КлэптонАнглийский гитарист, певец, композитор и писатель в стиле фэнтези

Shes Waiting

Shes waiting for another love.

Shes waiting for another love.

Shes been waiting for another love,

Someone that she can show into her heart.

And when she finally finds a stronger love,

Your whole worlds gonna fall apart.


Youve been abusing her for far too long;

Think youre a king and shes your pawn.

Get ready now, cause pretty soon

Shell be gone and youll be on your own.


I see the hunger burning in her eye;

Any fool could see theres something wrong.

You keep pretending not to care,

But I will hear you sing a different song.


Waiting for another lover,

Hoping for the time that shell find another...

Эрик Клэптон

Shes Waiting / Эрик Клэптон

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