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Эрик Клэптон Эрик КлэптонАнглийский гитарист, певец, композитор и писатель в стиле фэнтези


Holding you, you holding me,

Everyone could see we were in ecstasy.

Making love against the wall,

Feeling very small when we didn't need to be.

Easy now; don't let my love flow out of you.

Please remember that I want you to come too.

Oh my darling, help me please.

When I'm without you I fall down and graze my knees.

I look so funny and I feel sad,

Your love is all I've ever had, so please don't tease.


Yesterday, you know tomorrow,

Could it be I' ll have to borrow someone new?

I know that I'm the one to blame,

But all the same, there must be something you can do.




Эрик Клэптон

EASY NOW / Эрик Клэптон

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