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Universal Garden Lyrics

We go sailing down the calming streams

Drifting endlessly by the bridge

To be over

We will see

To be over

Do not suffer through the game of chance that: plays

Always doors to lock away your dreams

Think it over

Time will heal your fear

Think it over

Balance the thoughts that release within you

Childlike soul dreamer one journey

One to seek and see in every light do open

True pathways away

Carrying closer go gently

Holding doors will open everyway

You wander true pathways away

After all your soul will still surrender

After all don't doubt your part

Be ready to be loved



Eric Wincentsen


Glendale Community College,

Glendale, Arizona

"Why can I do this? Because we got the bombs. Two words: Nuclear f#$king


-Dennis Leary, "Asshole"



Universal Garden Lyrics / Yes

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