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THAT IS Lyrics

That talk is just a worry and a worry in a man

That life is just a worrying and getting in a mess

That deal is just awakening his spirit to be giving him

The pleasure of the giving things within

That word is in it, that talk is in it

This day is of a meeting of the manner to be borne

And like a ship you come safely to the shore of love eternal

That beat is of the wanting of the where you're going

That street talk is the basis of the push and shove

They never told you that you have the right

The spirit of the angel, angels sing "Shaava, shava shava-Shaava"

They be waiting for you, they be asking for you

We depending on you, we depending on your healing of the structure centre

Until you reach and touch your own redemption

They never give you a reason, they never give you a reason

They never give you a, give you a, give you a, give you a reason


THAT IS Lyrics / Yes

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