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The Calling Lyrics

(Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)

Feel the calling of a miracle

In the presence of the word

Now we hold the right to rearrange

How the stories can be heard

In the beginning is the future

And the future is at hand

I'll be calling voices of Africa

Be the rhythm to the plan

From the Congo to Lenasia

Be the writing on the wall

I'll be calling the colors of India

See the Asian life explode


Head into the headlight

Don't turn from the rain

There's a fire raging somewhere near

Liek a longtime friend who's

Seen it darker than ebony

Take off on the turnpike

(Asking for the first call)

Give me more of the same

(Asking for a song)

There's a fire burning in my heart again

I'll be calling the dragons of China

See the dancers of the Nile

See the wings of change are on display

This revelation mine

Feel the calling of the miracle

In the presence of the word


Feel the calling of a miracle

The revelation mine


The Calling Lyrics / Yes

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