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i Sound

(Anderson / Howe / Wakeman / Bruford)


ii Second Attention

(Anderson / Howe / Wakeman / Bruford)

Be gone you ever piercing

Power Play machine

Cutting our musical solidarity

For those who would break the windows

Of our true reflections

And perceptions of the world

'For I am out of thee with a vengeance'

Do not play me

You will never hear this

You will never hear this

Only feel it

For too long I have danced

To your destiny

No longer fill my head

With empty dreams

Of reality and gold

Your reality

For I am away this side away to the second attention

I can never ever play it or sing it

For it can never be shouted down

Or played every stronger

As I feel this never ending

Pattern of nature

I don't believe in Devils

I don't believe in Demons

I only believe in you

iii Soul Warrior

(Anderson / Howe / Wakeman / Bruford)



Themes Lyrics / Yes

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