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DJ Clue

Chorus: L O X chest to chest back to back

Glock for glock mac for mac

Dope and crack is what we sling do things you talk about

Player fuck around and catch a slug in ya mouth!

Verse One: Jadakiss

It's a shame he can rhyme nigga loves crime

Every late night he outside with the nine

You ain't got chips fuck the world

You got chips you can fuck the next mans girl

Sounds harsh but they been ripped apart my world

Where thugs can rule, and selling crack was cool

Knocked off hundred-packs, brought stacks to school

No diploma, weed aroma, nigga half coma

Know the tricks in the class see my ass on the corner

You ain't ate shit 'till y'all tasted life

Had my mom saying Jay don't waste your life

But me and my ace is tight moving base at night

Lace your nights, you see Narc's jet

I'll meet you on the corner in the park doin' sets

And when it's dark again, we'll let the nine's spark again

Y'all know the dogs, niggaz stay movin out the fog

And when it's war we ain't tryin to call on the Lord

I'll hit 'em like the board when I split 'em with my sword

You fear what you hear so nigga, press record

From here on out we ain't tryin to be ignored

LOX drops shit that makes niggaz mop shit

You wanna pop shit, nigga, pop clips!

Verse Two: Style Paniro

Too many niggaz is shaky, life is shaky

I act like this 'cause they make me, probably hate me

Nigga, I'm in the dictionary look me up

Express art from my heart, baby, cook me up

I'm the crack in your tape deck

I'm the burner on your waist that'll leave the place wet

I'm the money in the safe that'll pay the case debt

I'm the jewels on your neck that'll make these dime b

Элвис Пресли

DJ Clue / Элвис Пресли

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