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Sunshine is creeping in
And somewhere in a field a life begins.
An egg too proud to rape
The beginning of the shape of things to come
That start to run, life has begun, fly fast the gun.
The mother flew too late
And life within the egg was left to fate,
Not really knowing how
The world outside would take it when it came,
And life's the same for things we aim. Are we to blame?

Don't doubt the fact there's life within you.
Yesterday's endings will tomorrow life give you.
All that dies dies for a reason:
To put its strength into the seasons.
Survival, survival!
They take away and they give
The living's right to live,
The living's right to know.

The egg breaks, all is out;
The crawling bird begins to scream and shout.
Where is the parent bird?
A loneliness arose and heard its name ring in
For lives begin, survival win, survival's sin.
So soon the evening comes
And with it the aching fear of hate.
Could someone still remain
Who thinks he still could gain by escaping fate?
It's much too late, don't underrate, appreciate.

Don't doubt the fact there's life within you.


Survival / Yes

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