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Mad Boy

Madboy is turning
Madboy is lost again
Big wheels are running
This road will never end

He doesn't feel like walking
He doesn't feel like talking
Membership to real life seems to
fade away
He went into different ages
And turned the other pages
Trying to find the blade

Madboy is bumping
Madboy is drunk again
He doesn't feel like living
But still life has it's meaning
A season and it's end - a final
grade for him

Oh, I'd like to feel the body, dryig
all the time
Oh, I'd like to dig out the dirt,
hiding deep inside
Please, no more howling at the

Oh I see them closing their eyes
Feels like living in a lie
Poisoning their minds (oh Lord?!)
Oh, I see him closing his eyes
Feels like sharp is getting blunt
And this cut isn't deep no more

Madboy is turning
Madboy is lost again
He's not trying
He's not your pride nor a friend

Once he was like a sharp sword
And now he's meted to the jar
Acting like an angry fish in a glassy


Mad Boy / Waltari

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