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The Lie Of The Zombie

Son: I saw the eyes of the american war machine
Father: Its such a fine way of thinking to get us some scene
The video war games can sometimes be so boring!
Father: Sand castles made to crash! Youre not a boy anymore
If you cant grab a gun youll stay alone at the shore
and everybody thinks youre too childlish and unable to get along!

(comes):Come here - you got caught!
I got my eyes on you! Be good, be my body -
I put my lies in you!

Do you remember when your daddy felt quite mad
ґcoz he didnt understand why you felt so sad;
Father: My boy, you have to face it, youre becoming a man!
Still you feel changin tunes where ever you go
Though even girls are looking at you everywhere
but I know baby, cґmon and get your share!

Lie of the Zombie (yeah!)...
Lie of the Zombie (yeah!)... Dont mess with the man!
Lie of the Zombie (yeah!)...
Lie of the Zombie (yeah!)... Dont mess with the Sam!

Son: Today I slept through my broken dream
Hmm, it wasnt how it should be...
Zombie: Code number 102!
Son: Now I think theyre going to cut me to pieces
Can I ever get the right answer or just lies
Nevermind ґcoz theres no right way to swallow my pride


The Lie Of The Zombie / Waltari

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