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Dedicated To The Flyers

Go, go, go, move on!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, have fun!

Lets go, go, go, go, go, and have some fun!
All right? Its time to fight, so trust yourself!
Lets fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck for our fun!
We play rockґnґroll, better look at yourself!


Dedicated to the flyers
Who dont give a fuck ґbout climbers
They just wanna live thru feelings
and thats sure a real good way to start
towards the paradise!

Go, go, go, run on! Fuck, fuck, fuck, move on!

Kiss my ass, kiss my song
Lets go (fuck!)all nite long!
Its only rockґnґroll, you better find it in yourself!
Theres no sense I this, no good advice
No real help for your stress


Dedicated To The Flyers / Waltari

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