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Fools Gold

I am a tree with no leaves
I use her as much as she needs
How is my welfare and charm
Coldness pierces through to my thich

As always shit happens
Youll always reap what you will sow
I panic, you dont
We silly people with wicked thoughts

How can I stand what I am
Struggle inside pushed into a can
(The love for my...)hatred!
(The shining of my...)hatred!
Im torn everywhere
Another great feeling:
how I'll get you as fast as I can
You panic, I dont
Its only humanity I steam out

I dont wanna see you in my head
Its alright as long as you stay in bed
Rock me in your cradle to big sleep
Like a real man, I dont wanna weep

I have practised to raise a smile
Thats how I can keep you in my pile
But still in only yours (when passing time)
(...doing time, doing mine, all mine... its all mine)

How is my welfare and charm
coz I cant give no helping arm


Fools Gold / Waltari

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