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Карлос Сантана Карлос СантанаБессменный лидер группы 'Сантана', талантливый гитарист

The Sensitive Kind

Don't take her for granted, she had
A hard time
Don't misunderstand her or play
With her mind
Treat her so gently, it will pay you
In time
You've gotta know she's the
Sensitive kind

Tell her you love her each and
Every night
You will discover she will treat
You right
If you believe, I know you will find
There ain't nothin' like the
Sensitive kind

She gets so lonely waitin' for you
You are the only thing to help
Her through
Don't take her for granted
She has a hard time
You got to know she's the
Sensitive kind
You got to know she's the
Sensitive kind

Карлос Сантана

The Sensitive Kind / Карлос Сантана

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