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Snow Queen

You remind me so much

Of her when you're walking

Where everything's perfect

And nobody's talking

You're a cushion uncrumpled

You're a bed that's unruffled

The finest bone china,

Bone china around

And I believe that the snow queen

Lives somewhere in the hills

She's got the world on a string

Like white wine when it's chilled

Arms are spread like icicles

Upon a frosted cake

The snow queen reigns in warm L.A.

Behind the cold black gates

Your talents are tested

They're polished and they're shaped

Your talents are wasted

On men of no taste

But how about proving

That passion means more than

A wardrobe of gowns, TV ratings,

A fragile waist, and a name

Элтон Джон

Snow Queen / Элтон Джон

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