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I was born in the north of England

I was raised in a working town

I broke all the rules when I went to school

But the teachers couldn't pin me down

I tried to make my parents proud

By adapting to the social powers

Oh pigs will fly, and the earth will fry

When they get me doing honest hours

Snookeroo, Snookeroo

Daddy's going on the booze

Mother used to cut my hair

And sister used to make the news

Oh it was two rooms up and two rooms down

And we were sentenced by the wrecking crane

I was born on the eve of Halloween

And Snookeroo, Snookeroo, Snookeroo's my name, Snookeroo

I need someone to cook for me

And turn me loose at night

I could spend my life with a factory girl

'Cause the factory girl's my type

I hear them gossip on the street

Most of what they say is true

Oh don't you know that I hear them say

There goes that lazy, no-good Snookeroo

Элтон Джон

Snookeroo / Элтон Джон

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