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Tread on my face if you like little lady

Turn me inside out if you have to baby

But don't you cross me off your list

I am young and I ain't never been kissed

Never been kissed by a lady called Amy

You're far out, you're fab and insane

A woman of the world, it's quite plain

My dad told me Amy's your name

Said he'd break my neck if I played your game

But he can bust my neck `cause I love you all the same

Amy I know you don't have to show your affection

`Cause the big boys like you and to you I'm an infection

So if you don't want me around

I think I'll run along and drown

You can't want this bum in town Amy

I'm beaten on the streets `cause I loves you

I watch you go to work in the summer

I don't whistle at you down the street

I would if I could but I can't whistle you see

Amy I may not be James Dean

Amy I may not be nineteen

And I may still be in romper boots and jeans

But Amy you're the girl that wrecks my dreams

Элтон Джон

Amy / Элтон Джон

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