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Rain Is Falling

Early in the morning,

The sun was up and the sky was very blue.

Without a warning,

As I looked out, my thoughts returned to you.

A noise in the city made the children run,

And hide themselves away,

And thunder boomed and lightning filled the sky.

Looking from this window,

A thousand rivers running past my door.

Standing on an island, looking for someone

Upon the shore,

I can see it very clearly nothing's really changed,

Then lightning strikes across an empty sky.


Ooh - the rain is falling,

Ooh - the rain is falling,

Ooh - the rain is falling,

Will it wash away the lonely tears.

With their brand new time transporter,

They'll think maybe I fought to get away.

But with all their great inventions,

And all their good intentions here I stay.

Down on the corner where the sun had shone,

The people gathered 'round,

Then scattered as the raindrops hit the ground,


Electric Light Orchestra

Rain Is Falling / Electric Light Orchestra

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