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Last Train To London

== ===== == ======

It was 9-29,9-29 back street big city.

The sun was going' down,there was music all around

It felt so right.

It was one of those nights,one of those nights when

you feel the world stop turnin',you were standing

There,there was music in the air.I should have been

Away,but I knew I'd have to stay.


Last train to London,just headin' out,

Last train to London,just leavin' town.

But I really want tonight to last forever

I really wanna be with you.

Let the music play on down the line tonight.

It was one of those nights,one of those nights when

You feel the fire is burnin',everybody was there,

Everybody to share,it felt so right.

There you were on your own,lookin' like you were

The only one around,I had to be with you,

Nothin' else that I could do,

I should have been away,but I knew I'd have to say.

Repeat Chorus

Underneath a starry sky,time was still but hours

Must really have rushed by,I didn't realize

But love was in your eyes I really should have

Gone,but love went on and on...

Repeat Chorus

Electric Light Orchestra

Last Train To London / Electric Light Orchestra

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