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Illusions In G Major

On the seven seas there was a phantom ship acoming

Shinin' in the dead of night

I heard the crew a hummin'

Tunes that sounded like the Rolling Stones and Leonard Cohen

But they didn't know the words

So I assumed that they was foreign


But I heard them just the same

Doctor let me teach 'em

I just wanna please 'em

Doctor let me teach 'em

I looked up in the sky, there was a phantom plane a comin'

Shinin' in the dead of night

I heard the pilot saying

Poems that were written by John Keats and Robert Browning

But he didn't know the words, so I suppose that it was nothing


Doctor, please believe me

I know you won't deceive me

But do these things I'm sein'

Have any hidden meaning

It's all good entertainment and it doesn't cost a penny

So please, doc, let me teach 'em

If I can only reach 'em


Electric Light Orchestra

Illusions In G Major / Electric Light Orchestra

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