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No Destiny


We live our lives in our daily fashion

Confuse our lives with unanswered questions

Seems everybody needs a reason to live

Seems everybody has someone to forgive


So they control their life with destiny

Blame it on "It was meant to be"


I won't be a part of the role

I'd rather stay uncontrolled

I just believe in odd accidents

I have remorse that I can't repent


It's just another race to be run

And your day is what you make it

And just maybe I want it undone

But I just have to face it


So live your life in your daily fashion

Forget your questions and live by passion

You don't need anything to obey

And if things go wrong, well you just have to pay





[REPEAT C. x2]

Edge Of Sanity

No Destiny / Edge Of Sanity

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