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Demon I


The stranger it seems, the clearer it gets in my eyes

It's like all that is wicked, is natural with my sight

As damned as I may seem to you, the feeling gets me high

Cause I do feel I'm blessed, with the demoneye


With eyes of a damned, and sense of the insane

The stark raving mad, run without shame


The stranger it seems, the stronger I get in my mind

You'll all be subhuman, inferior to my shame


The demon am I, and demon my eyes

I am the power, watch me arise


Sacred sights of fire

Blinds my human eyes

Truth as spooked by liars

Leaves me drained and dry


Demoneye, bless my sight

Let me live without the light

The demon is not a part of me

I, am part of the demon



N' the clearer it gets, the quicker it darkens the skys

And I'll become king, of all that you despise



[REPEAT C. x2]


Demoneye, demon

Edge Of Sanity

Demon I / Edge Of Sanity

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