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On The Other Side

Behold the light, dividing the sky in two.

The mountains might, you'll never make it thru:

To the other side.

The night so cold, you suffer from thirst and hunger.

Recall the stories told, that haunted you when you were younger.

Wolves are howling in the dark

Evil leaves unholy mark.

As scar too severe to be healed

Rebuild the soul that have been peeled.

Chorus: There is nowhere you can hide

On the other side

The wise man never lied

Unholy soldiers ride

Thru the forest wide

Here Where brave ones died

Like the light of day

you should have stayed away!

Behold the sky, the dawn of burning mist

as the ravens fly, a sight you cannot resist.

Evil rules your mind.

March with fear, the only way is ahead

Your final tear, to evil you are wed.

Demons crawling on your way

Ending, silently you lay

Presence of unholiness

The proof of your excess


Leaving the real world behind

as you enter the one never seen

The darkness will rock you to sleep

In the cradle of evil you dream

Edge Of Sanity

On The Other Side / Edge Of Sanity

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