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Incipience To The Butchery

The ghoul has reached my coffin now he

smash the lid. All I see is darkness and

two shining eyes. Crawling to the church

and in a stream of light I see my mutila-

ted remains gore instead of flesh. Rotten

and filled with maggots I search for

modern life I would die to see, my kids

and wife. A scream break the silence (*) a

human being died. Shocked of this morbid

sight. Crawling in the night. I'm so near

my dying place, I can see my loved. I open

the door and there she stands, I hear the

children scream.

Lead: Andreas

Lead: Sami

I saw people die, as dead as I was. The

children puked then died, love has tur-

ned to carrion

Edge Of Sanity

Incipience To The Butchery / Edge Of Sanity

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