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Epidemic Reign Part 3)

Bleeding tears, crying blood a human

(being) emotionally odd, hear the sight,

feel the sound, spirits call from all aro-

und, as I wander closer to what I'll never

be a distant light approaches to prove

(my) insanity, the shadow pointed its fin-

ger, lies caresses my face it tells me it's

the bringer of what shall, what shall end

the phase.

Chorus: Everlasting, unapproachable,

neverending, the immortal

one always casting shadows on the gro-

und. A blackened heart that won't stop to

pound. Everlasting, everlasting pane. Reach the point of of no return as

our pla-

net slowly burns. Cracking ground's wat-

chinme as I walk through river hades,

and soon my heart is frozen it'll never

stop to beat, nothing in this dimension

can bring me my defeat, the secrets in

your arteries will forever remain unsaid,

our sun is slowly dying, never, never to

burn red. (repeat chorus) you were meant

to be another one, time has come, frozen

earth, the stillness, the world will come

and go, (repeat chorus)

(to be continued

Edge Of Sanity

Everlasting / Edge Of Sanity

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